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I've encountered a firmware bug, what do I do?

If you encounter any freezing, glitches, or connectivity problems, try resetting your mode by holding the power button down for 5 seconds. Press it down again for 5 seconds and then reconnect to the app. This will fix most minor bugs. Please email us

Why is my mode not charging fully?

After unboxing, some units may need a reset before charging. Plug your mode in and let it charge until the battery icon stops animating. After that, hold the power button for 5 seconds to hibernate, release, and then hold another 5 seconds to wake. N

Why am I not getting a dose, and my mode is vibrating twice?

A double vibration means that your mode is not making a connection with the cartridge. Although mode is compatible with most cartridges on the market, some designs do not work with the Quick-Snap Connector in the mode. For more information on compati

Why are some doses not being delivered?

This is a bug we are working on. Every so often the mode will not register an inhale. It occurs upon waking after your mode has been dormant for a certain amount of time. This has a simple fix. If you inhale and nothing happens, click the power butto