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What cartridges does mode work with?

Most 510 threaded cartridges, especially CcellTM and AVDTM. The quality of cartridge hardware is important for your safety and experience, so we highly recommend brands that use these cartridges. You can find a list of compatible brands in your state

My cartridge leaked. What do I do!?

Don’t worry, we designed the quick-snap connector to handle most leaks. When a cartridge leaks, oil may coat the center contact of the quick-snap connector. To clean it, you will need:. A q-tip. Isopropyl alcohol (IPA). Take the q-tip and saturate th

My cartridge is clogged

This is a common occurrence with some cartridges, pods and disposables. If the cartridge has been in a cold environment, bring it to room temperature (the warmer, the better). Then suck through the mouthpiece with your tongue against the roof of your

My cartridge is “slurping”. What should I do?

Oil collecting in the cartridge airway or mouthpiece is common if the oil and cartridge hardware have not been properly matched. Contact the store you bought it from, or even the brand, as this is not caused by the mode device.