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How does the dosing work?

With mode, dosing is measured volumetrically, or by the amount of oil that leaves the cartridge during vaporization.mode doses using a proprietary algorithm that considers multiple variables between the cartridge, device, and environment. mode uses m

How does mode differ from other “dosing” devices?

mode calculates and adjusts for dosage in real-time with the use of on-board sensors and data collected with our dosing robots. mode also doses a wide range of 510 cartridges, offering consumers the most diverse and flexible options for their dosing

How long does the battery last?

Battery life between charges depends entirely on user habits. Our tests produce 200 individual doses (~420mg) before needing to recharge the device, which takes less than an hour.

How many mAh is the battery?

mode uses a custom 385MAH 3.8V 8C LiPo Battery. Quality batteries are one of the most important components in any vaporizer, so we spared no expense when sourcing ours.

Is mode temperature controlled?

In a sense, yes. The device calculates a number of variables and the data from testing to automatically set the wattage to a safe level.

What is the maximum number of cartridges that can be displayed on the device?

mode can display a max of 10 active cartridges on the cart ID screen. We recommend archiving completed cartridges in the app so that all can be displayed.